…..Home of aspiring souls, our college stands On fertile plains where once roamed Indian bands…. – BGSU Alma Mater

When this is over and mass-media turns into a normal state you will feel that you have won your liberty – Jose Maria Chavira M.S.

Bowing Green States’ Alma Mater

Home of aspiring souls, our college stands

On fertile plains where once roamed Indian bands,

Where gorgeous sunsets tint the bending sky,

Where pioneers strong in the dust now lie.

Keep high the flame enkindled at their shrine,

Our hearts in beauty to entwine.

Aye Zooma Zoom is BGSU’s unofficial fight song and is credited to Gilbert Fox, a WWII Army Air Corps Bombardier who served in Italy. In 1946, Fox brought back his interpretation of the song based upon a Zulu war chant to the University of Bowling Green. It is traditionally sung after every Falcon Football victory.

The 1958 Bowling Green Falcons football team represented Bowling Green State University in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) during the 1958 college football season.

In their fourth season under head coach Doyt Perry, the Falcons compiled a 7–2 record (4–2 against MAC opponents) and finished in third place in the MAC outscoring all opponents by a combined total of 218 to 91.

On November 8, 1958, the Falcons defeated Ohio, 33-6, starting an 18-game winning streak that continued until November 12, 1960. The streak remains the longest in Bowling Green history.

The team’s statistical leaders were Bob Colburn with 685 passing yards, Bob Ramlow with 779 rushing yards, and Bernie Casey with 310 receiving yards.

Ray Reese was the team captain. Harold Furcron received the team’s Most Valuable Player award. Furcron set a Bowling Green record, since broken, with an 81-yard run against Dayton. Jerry Dianiska also had an 80-yard run against Ohio.

Football Baseball Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Gymnastics, Track & Field are also popular sports accross the Nation and also at BGSU. LaCross however is waiting for more support for its return.  In 2013, a Bowling Green State University booster who cared reported that Bowling’s Green men’s varsity lacrosse program lasted from 1965 to 1979 and was one of the most successful lacrosse programs in NCAA history, with a winning percentage of over 75%.  Thats not bad. The retrospective video shown in our forum today was made by John Bowen for the 2009 lacrosse reunion.    We should care about our sports programs as much we do about the lies that seem to convince us every day about the falacies and errors of the country.

Bowling Green today showed only 11 Donald Trump News results. Bowling Green State University is a major school in United States University System and a proud member of the Department of Education.


When this is over and mass-media turns into a normal state you will feel that you have won your liberty and from that day forth you will remember the evils of organized crime and how it can destroy a nation and you will never forget – as the NAZI’s have never forgotten –  so you can once again protect the Interior Values of the United States of America.  

Jose Maria Chavira M.S. @ The Interior – Special Agent in Charge of the United States of America

Credit Scholars Workshop Bowling Green State University

BGSU Football Program- October 25 1958


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